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Chery Riich M1 Review and Road Test

[Riich M1: Cartoon Face is smiling all the time]

If you remember Chery’s five dolls in Beijing 2008 Auto Show, the current M1 will definitely bring you the familiar feeling, yes, it is right one of the dolls – NN. Now, it has grown from the original concept into a real production car, and the market. It also has a formal name – Riich M1.

Do not think Riich M1 is only a small car Chery has just introduced, in fact, it is not so simple, it is not like changing a shpe from QQ to A1, but a reborn innovations. No wonder it is not called “Chery M1“, but given a new brand – Riich. Models under the brand perhaps have different sizes or prices, but it will always keep the two basic characteristics: high quality and boutique.

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