Chery Riich G5 Review and Road Test – Test Drive


Daily Drive:

Riich G5 Test Drive

The diameter Leather wrapped steering wheel is not small, the whole cabin has no sport sense. But surprises is from the foot – the arrangement of the three pedals are slightly right, and they are close each other, so that the layout is very suitable for action of Heel and Toe, I believe this is likely the result after UK LOUTS’s calibration. In normal road, G5 is really easy to drive.

The diameter Leather wrapped steering wheel is not small, the whole cabin has no sport sense


Riich G5’s chassis is the most proud part, it has already proved how good the chassis is after sent to Nurburgring. G5 is with front dual-wishbone, rear multi-link layout, it is the most inherent advantages, and easy to tune out the excellent form of control; from the result of calibration, G5‘s chassis from the hands of the British Lotus.

Front dual-wishbone, rear multi-link chassisi layout

But this time G5 be sent to Nurburgring to prove itself (however there are some changes on the car which sent to test, see the article in the end), indicating Chery is more confident on its own chassis. How is the actual drive feeling?

First of all, it is easy to feel a heavy feeling, this will convince people of the G5‘s body assembly, the overall stiffness is described as the factory said – more than the previous level of independent brands. Then the chassis is somewhat hard feel, vibration can be filtered directly, while run over the cover and the deceleration zone, it feels very solid, no loose performance.

In the open road and the big bend, we dectect the performance limits of G5. The chassis limit is not bad in high-speed cornering, Body is swinging greater than expected in emergency switch direction, but the gesture is quite stable, more unfortunately, it is not equipped with ESP.


Road feeling is clcar, road noise is a bit loud

Riich G5‘s road feel is clear, and good face big holes, the chassis movement give passengers a lot of solid good impression. 110km / h or so wind noise when the car was good, but low-speed driving in the downtown area, car sealing is general vulnerable to external noise nuisance, the daily driving time road noise are more significant, in part because it is not used Advanced Maxxis tires.