Chery Rely X5 (P11) Review & Road Test – Hero Car Conquering Dakar


With the improvement of living standards, cars no longer just the transport for meeting people’s travelling, such as a sports car, it also needs plenty of driving pleasure; a luxury car needs to reflect the owner’s identity, status … … When we want are going to travel all around, a SUV model is the best option, high trafficability, generous space, good carrying capacity and so on are our travel convenience. In order to meet consumer demand, Chery introduces its brand-new SUV model – X5 under its sub-brand Rely. This Ruiqi G5 equipped with the same 2.0T engine, the car draws much attention from many consumers as it is equipped the same 2.0T engine on Riich G5, I believe everyone has a lot of questions about this car, we are here to answer it for everyone.

Chery Rely X5 (P11) Review & Road TestChery Rely X5 (P11)

Chery Rely X5 Review & Road Test – Appearance (1)

Chery Rely X5 Review & Road Test – Appearance (2)

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