Changan Oshan’s All-New Small SUV Kesai 3 Is Listed in China Market


Following the listing of the 2020 Oshan COS 1° on July 25th, Today, Changan Oshan(Oushang)’s all-new SUV Kesai 3 (Chinese:”科赛3″) is officially launched. Kesai 3 has launched a total of 5 models, with price range of 59,900-76,900 yuan (~US$8,681 – US$11,145), Oshan Kesai 3 is in a small SUV below COS 1°.

The design of Oshan Kesai 3 is compact, the front part of the car has sharp edges and corners, which has a good sense of movement. Body size of Kesai 3 are 4135/1740/1630mm and the wheelbase is 2520mm, which is the same as the Changan CS15.

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In the rear end, the taillights are blackened, tthe reversing image camera is integrated with the tailgate buckle. In addition, the rear fog light area on both sides is L-shaped, the style is sporty, echoing the front end, the tail shape is similar to the new Changan CS15.

The interior is also similar to the Changan CS15. The three-spoke steering wheel and the 7-inch screen in center console are well-regulated, it is also equipped with cruise control, keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring, reversing images, hill-start assist, electric sunroof.

Kosei 3 is also well equipped for safety configuration. ABS, EBD, main/co-drive airbag, tire pressure monitoring system, brake assist system, rear parking radar, driver assistance image, child safety lock, etc. are also provided.

In terms of power, it is powered by the same 1.5L engine as the Changan CS15, with maximum power of 107 ps and peak torque of 145 Nm. The transmission system is matched with 5MT and 5DCT gearboxes.