Badge-Engineered Changan CS15 – Oshan Kesai 3 to Be Released Soon

Oshan Kesai 3

Changan Auto Oshan(Oushang) brand launched four new models During the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, recently it exposed a new model again – The Oshan Kesai 3 (as Oshan Kesai has a English name Oshan COS 1°, so we guess the Kesai 3 will be named COS3° in English).

2019 Changan CS15

The front face of Oshan Kesai 3 is simple and stylish, and the positioning is a small SUV. But from the body shape and the contour of the headlights, as well as its body size 4135/1740/1630mm and wheelbase of 2520mm, it is much similar to Changan Auto’s entry level SUV Changan CS15.

Oshan Kesai 3

The new car is available in two sizes of rim, 16″ and 17″, and the tire models are 205/55 R16 and 215/50 R17.

2019 Changan CS15

I believe that some eye-catching netizens can already see that the body size of Oshan Kesai 3 can be said to be exactly the same as Changan CS15, which was just completed its facelift in March 2019, and both are positioned as small SUV, Oshan Kesai 3 might be the badge-engineered model of Changan CS15.

Not only that, Oshan Kesai 3 is almost identical to the Changan CS15 in terms of tail design. It can be said that in addition to the redesign of the front face, this is basically a Changan CS15 that replaced the badge and changed the front face. It even has the same power system as Changan CS15, as we received a set of power information of Kesai 3 from China MIIT, the new car will be powered by a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with maximum power of 78.5kW (105hp), matching DCT and MT gearbox, this is right the same power combination on Changan CS15

In fact, Oshan(Oushang) is currently an independent automobile brand owned by Changan Auto. The models of Oshan brand contain Changan’s technical DNA. The emergence of the upcoming Kesai 3 in the future is mainly to further enrich the lineup of Oshan brand in the market on the basis of saving research and development costs. Although Kesai 3’s interior, detailed configuration has not been announced yet, but it is believed to be similar to Changan CS15, and price is expected to be lower than CS15.

About Oshan Brand

Oshan used to be a minibus brand of Changan Automobile (minibus is so-called van, which is a small passenger and cargo car, generally it has 6~8 seats.), minivan once played a important role in China low end auto market. position of Oshan brand is in low end, as the Chinese auto market continues to change, Changan has announced its withdrawal from the traditional fuel van market. Instead, Changan calls it a multi-function MPV, Oshan A600 is right one. In addition, Oshan is gradually switching to its new brand logo, the same time Oshan launches some SUV models, the brand image gradually detached from the original low-end van.