Changan UNI-V Sedan Made Its Global Debut


The Changan Auto publicly revealed its brand-new Sedan car loaded with full technology named “Changan UNI-V”. The car’s design is based on the Changan Vision-V concept, focusing on personalized positioning and radical overall visual experience.

Like previously deployed two UNI vehicles, the UNI-V shows a magnificent stance and a captivating design theme. The recognizable borderless front grille complemented by sharp and slim headlights represents the impressive exterior of this car. Besides, the front enclosures’ on the sides are well fitted with solid diversion grooves that further signify the attributes of the vehicle’s sporty appearance. The UNI-V front overhang is 905 mm and has an axle length ratio of 0.59, eventually creating a sporty look. Additionally, the more significant axle-length proportion and the superior front and rear wheel span add to improved pitch resistance agility and high-speed stability while driving.

While contemplating the car’s side profile, the UNI-V has a slip-back design. Its features are at the same time well-defined creases, a visually long hood, and a sloping roof offering the fastback styling. The exact measures of length, width, and height are 4680/1838/1,430 mm, respectively. With an aspect ratio of 0.78, wheelbase as 2750 mm, and the wheels’ size is almost half of the car’s height; the vehicle is comparable to a modern-day luxury sports sedan.  Furthermore, the lower elevation of the UNI-V is said to be valuable in lowering wind resistance, making it firmer in acceleration, braking, and directing.

At the rear, the car is furnished with full-width connected tail lamps, a sculpted bumper, and a robust two-way exhaust system. Along with these features, the lower mounted centralized third brake light makes the car quite eye-catching. Moreover, the vehicle supports an electrically retractable rear spoiler that remains hidden if not activated. The spoiler can be automatically raised and lowered depending on the speed. Besides, it can be monitored manually through buttons and offers 25 g of downforce when opened. It aids in reducing wind resistance and increases body stability.

Similar to the exterior, the car’s interior is remarkable, with a superior blend of blues and grey and the acceptable use of orange within. The vehicle, though, adopts a layout like Changan UNI-T. It fulfills the needs of young groups by designing cockpit in terms of interactions, using engineering methods, and ambiance creation. The interior is fully boasted by hidden air vents, integrated steering wheel buttons, center buttons, and other fusion designs all over.

The simple and sophisticated interior design of the UNI-V does not create unnecessary distractions for drivers. The inside is asymmetrical, and bright colors are used at the console’s center, seats, arms set, and door panels to make the look eye-catching.

The Sedan is well-equipped with an internally connected 3 + 1 quadruple screen layout that gives an idea of two screens being staggered on the surface. The instrument panel, which hovers and is placed above the steering, permits the driver to read interactive information like speed and navigation through easy eye movements. Additionally, the smart-cockpit fully exhibits the car as state-of-art, comprising infrared cameras and rearview mirrors, enabling drivers to automatically log into the ecological app of the car through face ID. The user can switch to exclusive vehicle settings, and the app can mechanically scan the face in the car. Besides, the AI services provide the driver with unique features like greetings, sight lightning, fatigue reminders, and others. Through gesture recognition technology in UNI-V, the user can change music and navigate home easily.

In terms of power, Changan UNI-V will be powered by a 1.5T Blue Whale engine with a maximum power of 138kW and a maximum speed of 205km/h. In the future, a 2.0T power version may be launched.