Changan Kaicheng Minibus Ruixing M60 will be soon in China Market


Recently, Changan Ruixing(睿行) series debuted another new car, the new car is named “Ruixing M60”, which is mainly used in the minibus market segment, mainly for urban logistics distribution and rural passenger transportation. Changan Ruixing series vehicle now comes to Changan Kaicheng (Kaicene) brand.

Ruixing M60 will launch four models, powered by 1.5L engines. It is reported that the new car will be officially listed soon in early June, positioning will be lower than current Ruixing M80, the main market is city logistics and rural passenger transport.

Ruixing M60 offers for four models, including 7-seat and 6-seat passenger models, as well as 2-seat cargo models and 5-seat cargo models. Among them, the size of passenger model is 4498/1680/1990mm, the cargo model is 4530/1715/1990mm, and the wheelbase is same as 3000mm.

Changan Ruixing M60 comes standard with 14-inch steel wheels, 185/R14LT tires, full-size spare tires, manual adjustment exterior mirrors, optional front fog lamps and metallic paint, and high-speed brake lights for passenger models. The cargo model is equipped with a rear blind window.

For interior trim, Ruixing M60 comes standard with ISOFIX seat interface, steering wheel lock, front row power window, radio with AUX interface + 2 speaker. On this basis, the 6-seat passenger version and 5-seat cargo version are further equipped with a single evaporative box air conditioner (optional dual evaporative box air conditioner) and a remote central locking (front door + middle door only). In addition, the two cargo models also come standard with panel partitions and optional wear-resistant steel floors.

In terms of seats, Ruixing M60 comes standard with fabric seats, where the driver’s seat comes standard with four-way manual adjustment; in the second row, Ruixing M60 6-seat model has a double seat with a backrest that can be flattened, and 7 seats passenger model and 5-seat cargo model are equipped with 2-seat and 3-seat fixed seats; in the third row, Ruixing M60 7-seat is equipped with 3-seats bench (reversible/flattenable/detachable) , while the 6-seat passenger model offer one fold down rear seats seat two.

In terms of power, Ruixing M60 is powered by a 1.5L engine code-named 4G15S, with maximum power of 80kW (107hp) and peak torque of 131N·m which meets the CN-5 emission standard, or a 1.5L engine code-named DAM15KR, with maximum power of 85kW (114hp), the peak torque is 150 N·m to meet CN-6 emission standard.

In terms of transmission, Ruixing M60 is matched with a 5-speed manual transmission and adopts a mid-mounted rear drive layout. In terms of chassis, Ruixing M60 comes standard with electric power steering, front disc / rear drum brake, ABS+EBD, front McPherson independent + rear five-plate spring-type non-independent suspension.

Price of Ruixing M60 is expected to be also lower than M80, price of current M80 selling in China market is 58,500-72,000 yuan (~US$8,481 – US$10,438).