Changan CS35 PLUS Review: Appearance, Trim Level & Room


Changan CS35 PLUS is an upgraded version of CS35. Appearance, body size and interior of CS35 PLUS have all updated, the configuration has aso been improved. However, the sales price of both is very close in China market.

The guide price of CS35 is 68,900-92,900 yuan (~US$10,017 – US$13,506), while price of CS35 PLUS is 69,900 to 104,900 yuan (~US$10,162 – US$15,251).

Appearance design

The appearance of CS35 Plus is quite eye-catching, at least it is much better than the CS35.

The high trim level models are equipped with LED headlights and halogen front fog lamps while the base/medium trim level are halogen headlights and no fog lamps. All other models support automatic headlights except base model.

CS35 PLUS has an increase in size compared to CS35. The body size of CS35 is 4170mmX1810mmX1670mm and the wheelbase is 2560mm; Body size of CS35 PLUS is 4335mmX1825mmX1660mm and the wheelbase is 2600mm. CS35PLUS has extended 165mm in Length and 40mm in wheelbase, 15mm wider than CS35.

Rear badge “CS35PLUS” is attached to the trunk.

The trunk is not as big as imagining. The official claim that the trunk space is 403 liters, in fact no more excess space after you put two or three suitcases.

There are storage compartments under the trunk floor, you can put some common tools.

Fine interior design

Although the price of this car is inexpensive, the interior workmanship is not cheap. Large area of interior are wrapped in soft material, the stitching looks fine, even though they are fake, it is fine.

Steering wheel are leather wrap, but it feels hard. The volume adjustment function is only available on the steering wheel!

It is worthy mentioning that the steering wheel supports four-way adjustment, it is easy to find a comfortable sitting position, which is impossible for many other models in the same segment.

The instrument panel is traditional mechanical pointer with a 4-inch LCD screen in the center that can display driving computer information. The top trim level model is replaced by a 7-inch LCD screen, the information displayed is cool.

In addition to the 7-inch LCD screen on the entry level model, the other models are equipped with a 10.25-inch (21:9)LCD screen. Interestingly, the built-in entertainment system is also different according to the configuration.

In addition, the central control screen does not have volume adjustment button, it is also weird, only driver can adjust the volume through the button on steering wheel.

All CS35 PLUS modelsare equipped with rear parking radar except the entry level model, but front parking radar are not available on CS35 PLUS. The highest trim level model has 360-degree panoramic image.

Automatic air conditioning is standard except the base model, but it does not support dual zone temperature control. The air conditioning buttons are touch sensitive and looks cool. But to be honest, touch buttons can cause inconvenience and affect driving.

The CS35 PLUS is currently available in 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual transmission.

The cup holder behind the gear level is very small, it is difficult to put a slightly larger cup into it.

The high-trim level model is equipped with a driving recorder.

Room: Space is enough, no headrest in the second-row center seat

Perforated leather seat is standard except the base model, but all models are not available in seat ventilation.

There is a separate air conditioning vent in the second row, the rear row floor center hump is not high.

The rear row room can only be said “just enough”, the seat back angle is small, the comfort is general. There is no headrest on the central seat of second row, it is easy to cause injury to the neck of the passenger in the rear-end collision.

The rear seat supports 40/60 split folding down, but it’s unable to be folded flat.

Summary: It is worthy from the aspect of trim level & configuration

It is really good for the design of appearance and interior. Fine interior workmanship and high configuration level seems value for money. It really worth the price at least in the aspect of trim level & texture. What about the driving expensive and the internal workmanship? Please continue to pay attention to the follow-up test drive and teardown.

PS: The test car is the 2018 CS35 PLUS China Spec.