CHANA ALSVIN (Yuexiang) Hatchback Review and Road Test – Appearance


 There have long been reported that ALSVIN Hatchback would be launched, it’s finally disclosed its true color. It can be said ALSVIN Hatchback is younger, which it can be made out from body color, the main color are orange, blue, red and so on. The section of front face is same as sedan model, but the fabrication process in the details has improved. Such as headlamp and the joints in the grille is more smooth than the initial listing of sedan model.

The front part of ALSVIN Hatchback is exactly the same with sedan model, but hatchback model has more choices of colors, this main orange color model is very nice

Many test drive articles of AlSVIN sedan have reported the gap problem between headlight and grille, now it has been improved in ALSVIN hatchback model.

CHANA ALSVIN Hatchback Appearance details

ALSVIN Hatchback’s side line is also not bad on the side line is good, it seems hatchback model is more suitable for this post before the low-waist high, but viewed from the side C pillar slightly weak, this is where the difference? … … Carefully compared the sedan’s image after suddenly realized that the hatchback and sedan models rear door is completely the same, this design can greatly reduce the cost and inconvenience of late repair is, pinch that math, the current the same model hatchback / sedan models rear door really shared much. But the only disadvantage of this design is the lower end of column C appears small compared with the top, and some awkward, I might not see it used. However, the overall design of the side Xiang hatchback is very successful, at least in its own brand of small hatchback car, ALSVIN Hatchback can be described as the most beautiful.



The focus today is to look at the rear parts, the rear parts of ALSVIN Hatchback model is redesigned, from the taillights of the design elements can also be found in the sedan model’s shadow, tail shape and body with a very harmonious group after the fog from the rear light in isolated, placed in the bottom of both sides of the rear bumper, very spiritual, sense of movement jump. Interestingly, reversing lights in the taillights group which occupied the largest area ratio, the advantage is that – in the night these two huge rear reverse lamp can be more clarity of vision, it is still very human evolution (sedan model is left and right fog lamps light design). ALSVIN is looking from the rear and two sides, feeling very heavy, the impression is not inferior to the same level of import cars.

The tail shape of Alsvin Hatchback is full, details of the design is good

In fact, for such ALSVIN small size car, it is convenient for parking even without reverse sensor, but better than nothing, which may be more affected by the fresh women drivers

Beautiful alloy wheels and same as sedan model, 185/65 R14

ALSVIN Hatchback manual transmission and automatic model have standard 3-point reversing radar, although small for ALSVIN hatchback that is not very useful, but for female users, this is good news. Wheel shape and the tires the same size and sedan model. In addition, the editors believe that CHANA is in place for the handling of paint, especially in this orange, good texture in the sun.

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