BYD’s new pickup spied, or debut in 2023


Recently, at the launch ceremony of BYD‘s 3 millionth new energy vehicle, the official revealed a surprise to us. In the future, a new professional and personalized brand will be launched. The price is in the range of 400,000 to 600,000, it is expected to launch next year (2023).

With the launch of the news, some netizens have taken spy photos of a BYD pickup model. Therefore, we boldly guess that BYD’s new professional and personalized brand may be the brand in the pickup market. Judging from the current layout of BYD’s power technology, its pickup products will be equipped with hybrid and pure electric systems. Well, this pickup product may be unveiled in 2023.

Judging from the pictures taken by netizens, the pickup truck body is covered with heavy camouflage, which prevents us from exploring its true face, but judging from the overall shape of its body, this pickup truck has a double-row cockpit with front and rear fenders. The generous wheel eyebrows protrude slightly from the body, and this design can create a wide-body visual experience. In addition, the proportions of the rear cargo box and the body look very harmonious. We will continue to pay attention to more news about this new pickup model.