BYD S2 Interior is Exposed, the New EV from BYD


Recently, BYD’s new small electric SUV – BYD S2 is exposed, we has been reported in the appearance part, this time it comes with the interior part, interior of BYD S2 is much different with BYD YUAN EV which will be produced in same platform. The new family design such as the floating central control panel and the knob shift are all featured, which is obviously more scientific.

BYD S2 interior part and BYD YUAN EV are completely different design style, closer to BYD Qin Pro, which emphasis on the technical style in interior, full LCD instrument and floating central control screen appear in the car, while the gearbox is also changed to the knob design.

The BYD S2 hangs the blue BYD LOGO, which is different from the black LOGO on BYD YUAN EV. The larger grille of the “Dragon Face” family style is used. The side of car is basically the same as the BYD YUAN EV, the external spare tire has been cancelled

According to the previous declaration information, BYD S2 has a body size of 4100mm/1785mm/1680mm and a wheelbase of 2535mm. It is a relatively small size SUV.

In terms of configuration, BYD S2 will provide different color rearview mirrors, panoramic sunroofs, roof racks, blackened 8-spoke rims, etc. according to different models. In terms of power, the car will use a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 70kW (95Ps). The power battery uses a ternary lithium battery. The total operating range will reach 189miles(305km), the maximum speed can reach 101km/h.