BYD Destroyer 05 Listed in the Chinese market, a rebadged QIN PLUS DM-i?


On March 17, BYD’s all new sedan BYD Destroyer 05 (Chinese name: “驱逐舰 05”) listed in the Chinese market, it was firstly debuted in 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show. As a new energy model, the Destroyer 05 is equipped with the core DM-i hybrid technology, which adopts exclusive ocean aesthetic design and intelligent technology.

According to the official introduction, the BYD Destroyer 05 is offered with 5 trims, and the price ranges from 119,800-155,800 yuan (By comparison, price of BYD QIN PLUS DM-I is from 111,800 to 174,800 yuan)

As the starting model of its Warship series, the Destroyer 05 on the power system is only equipped with a power unit with DM-i hybrid technology, which consists of core parts such as a dedicated 1.5L high-efficiency engine developed for hybrid model, EHS – electric hybrid power system and BYD’s blade battery.

At the design level, according to BYD official, the Destroyer 05 adopts the marine aesthetic design concept. Appearance, the design of the front grille is inspired by the ripples of the waves, and the visual width of the whole vehicle is further stretched through the drop-shaped lattice and the staggered decorative strips.

In terms of body size, actually it is almost the same as QIN PLUS DM-i. As comparison, BYD Qin PLUS DM-i has a length, width and height of 4765/1837/1495mm and a wheelbase of 2718mm; the Destroyer 05 has a length, width and height of 4780/1837/1495mm and a wheelbase of 2718mm. The two cars differ only in length by 15mm.

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In the interior design, The cabin layout of both cars is highly similar. BYD Destroyer 05 uses the pole line from the central control panel to both sides, using 12.8-inch adaptive rotary suspension PAD (15.6 inches for high trim models) and 8.8-inch full liquid crystal dashboard and a conscript of a consumable knob shift button.

BYD Destroyer 05 has more than seventeen standard configurations, including a 12.8-inch adaptive rotating floating pad (15.6-inch in high trim model), LED daytime running lights, keyless entry, TPMS direct tire pressure monitoring system, a key start, automatic air conditioning, rear air vents, cruise control, electric adjustment of exterior mirrors + heating, etc. High-end models also provide 5G network speed connection for young users.

Talking about power, BYD Destroyer 05 has also the same power combination as Qin PLUS DM-I, a 1.5L engine dedicated to plug-in hybrid model, with a maximum power of 110 horsepower, a maximum torque of 135N.m, and a thermal efficiency of 43.04%; the EHS system uses ultra-high-speed dual E-motor, which generates a maximum power of 197 horsepower and a maximum torque of 325N.m. BYD said that the 120KM version of the Destroyer 05 also adds VTOL mobile power station, 17kW DC fast charging port and other functions. The official claims that the comprehensive cruising range can reach 1200km.

In one word, BYD Destroyer 05 is just a rebadged QIN PLUS DM-i. Like Toyota China, BYD’s Destroyer 05 has a high probability of adopting the “twin model” strategy used by Toyota in the Chinese market.