OEM by Great Wall? All-new pure electric MINI is exposed in China with traditional “MINI” appearance


With the unstoppable trend of electrification, recently, the camouflage-free spy photos of the new generation of MINI electric models have been exposed online. Although it is an electric model, the appearance of the new car still continues the classic MINI design elements. It is manufactured by the Spotlight Automobile, a joint venture between Great Wall Motors and BMW Group. It is expected to be officially launched in 2023.

Current MINI Cooper fuel model

Even the “heart” is changed, MINI is still the familiar MINI, the familiar round headlights, and the square and large grille. Although it looks very similar to current models, but the details has been changed. The most obvious place is the change of grille. Because it is an electric car, the front face, which originally had a sporty and fashionable atmosphere, has also undergone a new electric design. The minimalist graphic design, without the circular chrome trim of the current model, looks more simple.

Current on-sale MINI COOPER

On closer inspection, the internal shape of the headlights has also been greatly changed. Not to mention the blackened treatment method inside, the shape of the light strip inside has also changed. In addition to retaining the circular daytime running lights, two horizontal decorative strips are also added, and this design can be said to be completely close to the flat, linear, and simple design of the electrified era.

The side of the body is still MINI’s classic body contour, but when it comes to the rear, it has a brand-new look and feel. The well-behaved and round oval taillights of the current model have become a shape similar to a triangular fan, and the interior is filled with a mesh design, and the two taillights are connected by a rough black decorative strip.

We have to say that the electrification design brings simplicity to the extreme. This can be seen from the interior! Although the overall design still retains the MINI’s design, leaving the iconic circular central control large screen, the large screen is too thin to be a mirror.

Not only is the large central control screen simple, but also surprised to find that it also directly omits the traditional instrument panel, leaving the HUD head-up display system in front of the driver.

Although it is replaced with a small E-motor, it is still that exciting MINI. Although the big pie-like central control screen might be unacceptable by many fans, it is estimated that for most women, it would be great if it could be used as a mirror.