Huawei’s Vehicle Brand: Avatr is officially released, the first model AVATR 11 positioning coupe SUV


On November 15th, Avatr Technology officially issued its car brand in Shanghai – Avatr (Chinese “阿维塔”), a new vehicle manufacturer that was shared by Changan Auto, CATL, Huawei and other small shareholders. The first model of the Avatr brand – Avatr 11 is also made debuted in the same day, the new car is positioned in a pure electric coupe SUV, based on Changan, Huawei, CATL, the intelligent electric network automobile platform (CHN), the first white car of the car was successfully launched in the Chongqing plant. In the second quarter of next year, Avatr 11 will formally meet with consumers, the retail network will also be unveiled.

The official said that the company name “阿维塔” is taken from English Avatr, meaning “incarnation”. Avatr Technology gives this word deeper meaning, that is, for every one of the wisdom parallel world, knowing “you”, understand “you” thinking, give “you”, do the most “understand your wisdom avatar”.

Avatr’s first model

At this conference, the first model Avatr 11 officially unveiled, and the new car has a unique design language and positioned in a pure electric coupe. The front face structure of the LED light source looks highlights, the new split headlight group is the current popular design element, the new car is only hooked through the line, there is no excessive decoration.

As a new product of the main emotional intelligence, Avatr 11 will have a lot of warm considerate user scenes, such as emotional perception, people’s car seamless connection, etc. According to the official information, the car will have a 200kW high-voltage super chargeable capacity and 400tops of intelligent driving capabilities, and the battery life is more than 700km. The post-conference only shows the static part of the car, more information on the car will be announced next year.

While the new car is unveiled, the official also announced more product planning of the Avatr brand. The Avatr 11 quantification model will be officially released in the second quarter of 2022, and the quantification is realized in the third quarter and completed the first batch of delivery. In the coming five years, Avatr will bring four new cars for users.