Changed from Tencent to Baidu, Tesla China Changes Map Data Service Provider


On January 17, according to Tesla official news, Tesla China announced that it would change the map data service provider to Baidu Map. In addition, OTA upgrades will also introduce more entertainment features.

NavInfo is one of the underlying map data providers with official map surveying and mapping qualifications, it has also been the exclusive navigation map supplier for Tesla China. As early as 2014, BAT(Baidu, Alibaba Group, Tencent, the 3 internet giants in China)’s competition on the map service has begun: Alibaba wholly acquired Gaode Map, and Tencent and Baidu launched their own map applications. Tencent Fund holds 9.75% of NavInfo and is the second largest shareholder. In addition, NavInfo has also cooperated with Tencent in many fields such as map data, connected cars, and smart cities.

The new aspect of NavInfo said that the Tesla China map switch involves only the online level, the in-car map package is still entirely from NavInfo’s new data, which provides Tesla with products and services without any impact, both parties are also partners.

Baidu Map launched its mobile client in 2011, and released the “Baique Ling Plan” in September 2019, and launched a map voice customization function.

Since entering the Chinese market in 2013, Tesla has always attached great importance to the service capabilities of vehicle and machine systems in China’s localization. The replacement of the on-board map may be to further improve the experience of Tesla owners.