Baidu’s L4 Self-driving Minibus Apolong Completed Four Major upgrades, The 2nd-gen Apolong To Work in Chongqing


On August 21st, one of the important projects of Smart China Expo, “Chongqing Lijia Wisdom Experience Park” officially opened, and the auto-driving shuttle bus “Apolong II”, which undertakes the tasks of tourists and pick-ups, was also put into operation. The three ” Apolong II ” that were “on the job” in Chongqing are the version “2.0” after the upgrade.

Baidu Apolong Self-driving Minibus

Compared with the first version, the 2nd-gen Apolong is equipped with HW3.1 autopilot system, with high-performance intel E5, 8-core processor and other upgrade configurations, with more computing capability, making the brain more efficient in the face of a variety of different applications and workloads. In addition, the higher performance regulator template allows the power supply to maintain a stable battery life even in harsh environments such as cold and humidity.

In terms of battery life, Apolong II is equipped with CATL power battery, battery capacity is increased from 42.3kwh to 49.3kwh, charging time is reduced by 50%, and cruising range is increased by 20%, which further brings a more convenient and long-lasting ride experience.

Following the launch of Apolong in 2018 Baidu AI Developer Conference, the self-driving shuttle has appeared in 25 cities and regions across China, and commercialized operation in 30 scenes. As of July 31, 2019, Apolong accumulated more than 51,000 kilometers of automatic driving mileage, serving nearly 60,000 passengers. At the same time, it also maintained the performance of safety zero accident. In the one-year scale and commercialization practice, the L4 self-driving vehicle represented by Apolong is entering the daily life of ordinary people and has completed the “automatic driving experience science” again and again.

It is worth noting that in early July of this year, Baidu Apollo Enterprise Edition’s Minibus solution ushered in model upgrades and more partners. Baidu and King Long bus launched the Apolong bus, which realized the automatic driving from the closed park to the open road, as well as the light commercial van JMC Teshun shuttle bus cooperated by Baidu and JMC also carried out trial operation in JMC’s Nanchang industrial park, a series of self-driving vehicles equipped with Baidu’s Apollo Minibus solution are rapidly developing, the launch of the second-gen Apolong is also an important step in the acceleration of Baidu’s automatic driving.

About Apolong Shuttle Bus

“Apolong” is the first commercial-grade driverless micro-cycle electric vehicle produced by Baidu and King Long Automotive.

“Apolong” is 4.3 meters long and 2 meters wide. It has 8 seats, it can carry 14 passengers. It is powered by pure electric power and range of 100 kilometers (1st-gen).

On July 4, 2018, Li Yanhong announced that “Apolong”, the world’s first L4 mass production autopilot bus jointly operated by Baidu and King Long, was officially mass-produced.” On October 12, 2018, Baidu’s first unmanned commercial demonstration operation project in the China officially entered the operational phase.