Beijing F40 Pickup is Ready in Chinese Market, This is the First Pickup from BAIC


On September 16, 2019, BAIC launched its first pickup, Beijing off-road F40 pickup, priced at 149,800 yuan (~US$21,200). Beijing F40 can be seen as the pickup model of Beijing BJ40 SUV. It is mainly adjusted in appearance details and adopts a single-row cabin design. In terms of power, the Beijing F40 pickup is powered by 2.3T turbocharged engine which is the same as BJ40.

We may also see from name of the nubmer “40”, the F40 is actually a pickup model based on the BJ40, the overall appearance and interior are the same as the BJ40, the difference is that the F40 is a two-door single row model, it’s just like a BJ40 that removed the 2nd row seat, the rear seat and original trunk space are transformed into truck bed of the pickup, the overall style follows the tough-line style of the BJ40, it is different from most pickup trucks currently in Chinese market.

Appearance, compared to Beijing BJ40, the overall shape of Beijing F40 pickup is tough. In terms of details, the Beijing F40 pickup continues the front of the family design. The front bumper is made of black plastic material, fog lights are added on both sides, which looks very dynamic. On the side, the Beijing F40 pickup uses a common pickup design style, with a single-row cabin + truck bed design, roll cage and spare tire are available at the rear to show its off-road ability. In terms of body size, the Beijing F40 pickup has a length and width of 4350X1843X1834mm, wheelbase of 2,450mm, size of truck bed is 1050X1050X480mm. In addition, the Beijing F40 pickup is equipped with 17-inch aluminum alloy wheel.

In terms of interiors, Beijing F40 pickup also continues the simple and sleek design style of the pickup truck. The interior is made of pure black color, there’s not too many physical buttons at the center console area, the instrument panel uses conventional mechanical dial, the air conditioning air outlet has a circular design. In terms of configuration, Beijing F40 pickup provides a combination of intelligent multi-function steering wheel, high-grade leather power seat, reversing radar and reversing image, anti-rollover control RMI and other intelligent security systems.

In terms of power, Beijing F40 pickup is powered by a 2.3T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 184kW (246hp) and a peak torque of 350Nm, this power combination is also the same as BJ40. The transmission is matched with a 6-speed manual transmission. In terms of chassis, Beijing F40 pickup is a body-on-frame pickup and features front cross arm spiral spring independent suspension and rear five-link helical spring non-independent suspension. According to official data, Beijing F40 pickup is equipped with a time-sharing four-wheel drive system with maximum gradability of 60%.