BAIC Launched BEIJING Brand and Debuted ILLUMINATE Concept Car


BAIC Group officially launched the “”BEIJING” brand on the evening of October 15, at the same time, the BEIJING brand’s first new concept car ILLUMINATE is also unveiled. According to Lowie Vermeersch, design director of BEIJING brand, the design of the concept car represents the family design direction of the BEIJING brand, the relevant design elements will appear on the follow-up products of the brand.

In terms of appearance, the chrome-plated inverted trapezoidal large front grille on the front of the car is very eye-catching, matching the bar-style headlights to create a good visual impact, plus the two lines of the engine compartment bulging, Let the front of the car be full of tension.

In the car side, ILLUMINATE concept car does not have a particularly complicated curve, but the light and shadow surface add to the overall dynamic and stylish atmosphere. The D-pillar part of the window is blackened, the shape of the floating roof is also the current hot element. In the rear part, the taillights are combined with the chrome-plated decoration of the banner to create a visual feel similar to the bar-style taillights, which enhances the overall quality of the car while echoing the headlights.

In terms of interiors, ILLUMINATE concept car adopts a sci-fi design style, and the flat-bottom three-spoke multi-function steering wheel is matched with the through-type central control large screen, making the new car look very fashionable. At the same time, the new style of the gear-lever also enhances the overall texture of the car. It is worth mentioning that a display screen is also set in the console section (before the handle), and some basic function settings may be integrated here.

In terms of power, the brand official did not disclose its specific configuration, but according to previous exposure information, the car will be matched with a 6-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission.

In fact, consumers familiar with BAIC Group may know that the BEIJING brand is the result of the integration of BAIC SENOVA and BAIC New Energy. The official landing of the brand is a milestone for the BAIC Group’s own business segment. As Lowie Vermeersch said, the concept car ILLUMINE represents the family design direction of the future BEIJING brand, which can be seen from the design of the previously released BEIJING-X3, BEIJING-EU7, BEIJING-U7. In the future, the BEIJING brand’s follow-up products will also carry its family design elements.